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Were the Egyptian pyramids built by aliens with the help of advanced technology?
In Netflix’s bizarre documentary “The Pyramid Code,” researchers and conspiracy theorists consider the possibility that the Egyptian pyramids were built with advanced, high technology. They claim that there is evidence that everyone can see and consider
7.13.2020 11:54:40 AM
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Stunning Egyptian monuments, which compete with the majesty of our most modern buildings, associated with deities and gods from ancient times. The Great Pyramid of Giza is generally considered to be one of the most wondrous achievements of mankind. These buildings were erected in a technologically very limited situation and without knowledge of the wheels.

We are indoctrinated into the belief that there was no advanced technology in antiquity

In the Netflix show, it is claimed that we are, in fact, indoctrinated, i.e. taught to believe that we are the only ones who have knowledge of high technology, something that the ancient Egyptians could not possibly possess. 

"As long as we think that people from ancient times were not able to use high technology, we will not even look for it," said Carmen Boutler, who is not an Egyptologist at all, but likes to adorn herself with the authority of a doctor of science.

"And yet, the evidence is before our eyes," Boutler said.

The evidence suggests that advanced technology existed
It is estimated that the Great Pyramid of Giza has about 2,300,000 stone blocks weighing 2 to 30 tons, and some blocks weighing over 50 tons. The pyramid was made up of 144,000 outer smooth stones, believed to have been very smooth and flat, about 254 inches thick and weighing about 15 tons each.

The alleged evidence in favor of advanced technology and knowledge, some see in the fact that the pyramid at Giza has four concave sides, the centers of which are made with incredible precision, so that this pyramid actually has eight sides.