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MEGA BUILDINGS IN SPACE: “They’re not hard to find, you just need to focus on the right places”
Last year, astronomers reported an ‘alien mega-building’ orbiting a distant star.
6.6.2020 6:36:02 AM
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Author: Malcom R
Pulsar / Stuart Rankin / flickr.com

Last year, astronomers reported an ‘alien mega-building’ orbiting a distant star.
And now one scientist says that such mega-buildings can be found relatively easily, you just need to focus on the right places, writes the Daily Mail.

Built around pulsars
He explained that astronomers should concentrate on 64 pulsar stars near our solar system, which he believes have the best chance of having an extraterrestrial megastructure built around them.

In 2015, astronomers spotted a star known as Tabby’s Star, whose brightness mysteriously randomly weakened and strengthened.

Several theories have tried to explain this phenomenon, and one of them is that this ‘blinking’ is caused by the rotation of an alien megastructure made around a star to collect its energy. Such a structure is called the Dyson sphere in theory.

Not a ball but a disk
An astronomer from the University of Tbilisi has backed up this claim, and even says that such mega-buildings could be easily detected with the technology we currently possess.

In a paper published last year, Professor Zaza Osmanov said such mega-buildings were more likely to be built in the shape of a disk than spherical shells.

If his theory is correct, it would allow Dyson’s sphere to be in the star’s ‘habitable zone’ and could be easily spotted by infrared telescopes.

There are about 64 pulsars in the zone that covers space near the solar system. These are the stars where scientists should look for mega-buildings, claims prof. Osman.

He also says that if we find such mega-buildings around the pulsar, they could be extremely strong.

"Fast-rotating pulsars are very powerful and collecting their energy would be extremely flammable, but the habitable zone around such stars is very far from themselves, and the mass of material needed to build mega-rings would be many times greater than the mass of all asteroid, comet and interplanetary planets. dust in a typical stellar system.”

This would mean an alien civilization that would be able to build by being strong enough to completely destroy humanity