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Melting ice in Antarctica revealed a dark secret?
Conspiracy theorists convinced under ice on Antartica something is hidden: "It's Hitler's secret base!"
5.28.2020 9:39:33 AM
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Author: Tea M
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Many believe that Antarctica will discover much more in the coming years.
Although Antarctica is covered in layers and layers of snow and ice, this does not prevent conspiracy theorists from believing that something hidden there is something no one should know about.

One Youtube user spotted an unusual object 100 meters long and shared his discovery with the rest of the world.

"This is in the shape of a submarine. If you look at the top, you can see that it looks like a grayish color of steel. This is something made by man, ”said the theorist.

This is not unusual given that as many as 784 German submarines have been reported sunk or missing.

Despite this, the recording of the discovery provoked numerous reactions, writes the Daily Star.

Many believe that Antarctica will discover much more in the coming years, and some point out that this is proof that the Nazis were connected to the icy continent.

Secret base
Namely, a large number of conspiracy theorists believe that it was there that Hitler built a secret base.

It is true that the Germans sent a team of researchers to Queen Maud Land in 1938 and documented this, all in order to find a new whaling station given that they needed a new source of fat to produce margarine and soap so that they would no longer were dependent on Norwegian whaling.

However, no base or whaling station was ever built, and the first research center was built by the Germans in 1981.