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Everything you have heard about the moon is a lie!
Former CIA pilot John Lear claims that 250,000 inhabitants live on the moon: everything you have heard about our natural satellite is a lie, earth is a criminal planet!
5.22.2020 2:46:54 PM
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Author: Tea M
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John Lear claims to have discovered hidden structures on the moon and to possess amazing photographs which he says clearly show artificial structures and buildings. He claims that 250 thousand people already live on the Moon at this moment!

Amateur astronomers have recorded something reminiscent of a holographic projection on the surface of the moon. Was it used to hide structures? What other reason would there be for holographic design and in fact, for crater placement!?

People went to the moon during the 1940s and 1950s using Tesla's antigravity spacecraft.

"I can't prove it because I would already be dead, but it's logical because what else could the US government pump so many billions of dollars into?" Claims Lear.

Photographs taken from the 1946 Jerks Observatory can be seen in his footage. They show a large explosion northwest of Endimion Crater.

- As we know, smoke, dust or steam cannot rise in a vacuum. But these photographs clearly show the smoke rising into a large cloud that rises from the surface of the Moon and spreads toward the top of its atmosphere. That would be possible if there was no vacuum along the surface of the Moon and if it did not have only one sixth of the Earth's gravity - claims Lear and adds that the Moon's mass is actually 68.71 percent of the Earth.

Lear explains how the Moon was created in Jupiter 40 million years ago, and during the last ice age, approximately 15,000 years ago, it was brought into Earth's orbit by an electromagnetic tug. All this explains where so many huge cities, civilizations and bases come from on the Moon.

- The inhabitants of the Moon are aliens that somewhat resemble humans. There are also "grays" there, but they live below the surface of the moon and work in huge laboratories. However, the story goes on and on! The earth is a convict planet, a prison, and there are at least a billion such prison planets! He said.

Lear is the grandson of the founder of "Lirdget", Bill Lear. He is a retired air captain and former CIA pilot who flew more than 100 different planes during 40 years of active flying.

He has more pilot certificates than any other certified pilot. He flew in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.