Who first consumed marijuana?
Everyone has their opinion on marijuana, but not so many people knows the facts and consider marijuana a modern phenomenon.
5.21.2020 7:38:25 AM
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Author: Malcom R
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There are three subtypes of cannabis that contain different amounts of psychoactive substances. Marijuana, for example, is the name for Indian hemp. In the text, we will call them by one name - hemp.

Hemp is believed to have been planted in Central Asia before 12,000 and is certainly one of the first plants that humans began to grow. There are many reasons for this. Namely, the seed is very nutritious and is one of the largest sources of protein in nature. Ropes, cloth, paper, etc. were made from the stem, and it was often used for medical and religious purposes. For thousands of years, the planting and use of hemp has not only been legal but has played a very important role in many cultures.

From the vast Asian steppes hemp spread to China, whence the first record of the medicinal purpose of this plant. In 2737 BC. Cr. it was used as a remedy for pain, malaria, rheumatism and absence. The Chinese used all parts of the plant from which they even produced oil.

Through Korea, hemp came to the area of present-day India between 2000 and 1000 BC. Cr. There lived the Aryans, whose religion is written in the Vedas. Marijuana played an important role in their rituals, but, like the Chinese, they used the whole plant to make various items.

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The use of hemp and its products has been confirmed in Egypt as early as around 2000 BC. Kr., When it is mentioned as a medicinal plant, (for example as a remedy for tired eyes and cataracts). Pollen of this plant was found on all royal mummies, including Ramses II.

The journey of this interesting plant continues in the Middle East, where it arrived in 2000 - 1400 BC. Christ. Some linguists today believe that the plant qaneh-bosm, which is mentioned in the Bible as one of the ingredients of anointing oil, is what we call hemp today. It was probably brought to Europe from the Middle East by the Scythians around the 8th century BC. Cr. after descending from the Altai. Greek texts from the 3rd century BC. Cr. they mention hemp as a remedy for earache, swelling and inflammation. It then spreads throughout Europe, all the way to the British Isles.